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sense of time drawn out

sense of time drawn out


sometimes this is my least favourite symptom of crazy brain.

things seem terrible PLUS they never fukin' end.

Trains to work can be UNBELIEVABLY slow, a 15 minute journey to Liverpool street, can drag and drag.

you check and check the time, but only one minute has passed.

An advert break halfway between a comforting sitcom can be...unbearable.

perma culture course Fujino

perma culture course Fujino

Project Summary

The Permaculture Center of Japan (PCCJ) teaches permaculture techniques specifically relevant to Japanese cultural and geographic specifications. Rice cultivation and working with small, narrow blocks of land are an important factor for densely populated and mountainous Japan, so the PCCJ’s location in the rural mountainous town of Fujino in Kanagawa Prefecture is the perfect educational venue.

'an intensive Permaculture Design Course in the summer'

This course fills up within a month?
And lasts a whole year!


  • Open Volunteering: (Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-4:00pm): A commitment free way to get involved in various farm activities – just pop along whenever you have a free afternoon.
  • Farmyard Volunteers: Helping out with the daily animal duties and keeping our furry and feathery residents happy and healthy is incredibly rewarding.
to do a masters in japan is only £6,000?
could I do it?

2 day fun


Watching glitchy video

600 + women killed at home every month in Russia,

now thy are making it legal if you are a first time and offender and you do not hospitalise your victim.

Now fine not prison sentence to 'protect families from interference'

only 2 state run refuges in Moscow.

600 women a month dying is not enough?

the world has gone fucking mad.

he's really doing it

Trump signed a sweeping executive order Friday that he billed as a necessary step to stop “radical Islamic terrorists” from coming to the U.S. Included is a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. by citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia or Yemen and a 120-day suspension of the U.S. refugee program.

first week trump

Watching News Night, 
Trump first week special.

Theresa May Is a dick.

She's sucking up to him :(

What a jerk.



Today trump decided to bring back torture.
And the president of Mexico cancelled a visit to the US
because Trump is such a dick head.

Still saying he will build the mall and Mexico will pay for it.

What an A Hole.

massively depressing

'real man' 😓😓

Very sad day,

Trump choosing

America is using Brexit to try and get us to have deregulated food, chickens washed in chlorine,
animals injected with hormones.
Things the EU protected us against.

I feel unsafe.

Loads of idiots on the radio

National farmers union more excited abut exporting cheese than protecting us.

Australia wants to replace US with China in TPP.
WHat a fucking mental time to be alive.

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Dorothea Lange’s Censored Photographs of FDR’s Japanese Concentration Camps

I want to live in a world without war.

They hired her to photograph the camps to show there was no mistreatment, 
when the photographs were evidence to the contrary, they hid them.

“It is said, and no doubt with considerable truth, that every Japanese in the United States who can read and write is a member of the Japanese intelligence system.”
— FBI Report 1942

Dorothea Lange’s Censored Photographs of FDR’s Japanese Concentration Camps

Letters form America after Trump's election

I can't describe why these are so good, you just have to listen to them.

Zoe Heller
Thomas Chatterton Williams